sobota, 29 sierpnia 2020

Lovely notebook by Daria Shestakova

                                                         Hello my dear scrap friends!

Today with you Daria Shestakova and I want to share my inspiration :)
In scrapbooking I like to create different projects. Cards, albums, tags. But especially I love notebooks! I like to sew the binding, to pick up the fabric and paper to match.
Let's see what I got this time :)

Creating I used:

CPS-TT30 Zestaw papierów 30,5x30,5 cm Craft&You Design-Tea Time CP-TT03 Papier dwustronny 12x12" Tea Time 03

CPS-SAH30 Zestaw papierów 30,5x30,5cm-Craft&You Design-Stay at Home CP-SAH03 Papier dwustronny Craft&You Design 30,5x30,5 Stay at Home 03 

CP-BR06 Papier dwustronny Craft&You Design 30,5x30,5 Bellissima Rosa 06

I wish you all the best!
Today was me, Daria Shestakova!

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