poniedziałek, 22 marca 2021

A gift set of an envelope - case and postcard for a newborn baby


Today I`d like to show you my new work made with the new collection of paper from Craft & You Design " Baby Toys " and basic sheets of paper produced specifically for this collection. 
I`ve made a gift set for a newborn baby consisting of an envelope - case and a postcard. I think it looks very nice.
 What do you thing? What would you like to create with this collection?


CPS-BT30 Zestaw papierów 30,5x30,5cm-Craft&You Design-BABY TOYS

CPBASE-BT05 Papier dwustronny Craft&You Design 30,5x30,5 BABY TOYS base 05

CW105 WYKROJNIK -doily 3 - serwetka 3 - Craft&You Design


Thank you for your attention and see you soon! Get creative with us and the materials of the Craft & You Design.


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