sobota, 6 czerwca 2020

A card for mummy by Daria Shestakova

Hello everyone!
Today I came to you with a very tender card for my beloved mother 💗
Our collections are so good that it is very easy to combine them. That is why in this postcard you can find two collections at once: Flower Vibes and Bellissima Rosa

I invite you to view it and wish you inspiration!

I used:

CPS-FV30 30,5x30,5 см Набор бумаги Craft & You Design-Flower Vibes CP-FV05 Papier dwustronny Craft&You Design 30,5x30,5 Flower Vibes 05

CP-FV07 Обычная бумага-элементы-30,5x30,5 Цветочные флюиды  CPS-BR30 Zestaw papierów 30,5x30,5 cm Craft&You Design-Bellissima Rosa

CP-BR01 Двусторонняя бумага Craft & You Design 30,5х30,5 Беллиссима Роза 01  CP-BR06 Двухсторонняя бумага Craft & You Design 30,5х30,5 Беллиссима Роза 06

I wish you all the best!
Today was I, Daria Shestakova!

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